Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Gatsby Style For Less!

One of my favorite decades by far for fashion is the 1920's. I love the elegant and femanine  fashions for ladies and the gentlemenly looks for men. People realy knew how to dress then and I occasionally find myself fantasing about being alive at that time. To channel my inner Daisy Buchanan on a budget, I turned to my closet for some vintage pieces such as the beaded handbag and to  Forever 21 for some fab necklaces, hair accesories and the dress. The cream cutout top is a recent find from Necessary Clothing in NYC and the white blouse with marquise beaded shoulders is from Zara last year. The draped necklace is about 15 years old  from vintage Express?  The pearl necklace and hair pins were gifts. I love the soft blushes and creams lately. I think the tops will look great with denim or lacey shorts. I will round the looks out with my nude shoes.  I'm in love with these looks!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shorty needed a new pair of springy jeans!

So I am not exactly tall. Hell, let's face it at barely 5' 2", I am a shorty! Or a Petite as the fashion world properly calls it. Having worked in Petites at Nordstom for 6 years in the late 90's through early 2000's I am well versed in Petite fashion and lack there of.....
To put it simply if you wanted a cool looking pair of jeans back then, you bought a pair of 7's and had them altered. Now the options are almost as wide for us petites as they are for our average highted fellow fashionistas. I witnessed it myself when I just happened to drop into Old Navy today. As our weather in Connecticut is oh so unpredictable one very usefull article of clothing in the spring and summer is a pair of jeans. I came upon these perfect for petites jeans called the Boyfriend Skinny. As pictured below, you can see that they are meant to be rolled and rolled high as in right above the ankle. I love that these are looser fitting but not baggy as well as light weight. Perfect for throwing on with some flipflops or flats and a pretty blouse or basic tee. I also came across a table of brightly colored and printed Rockstar Skinny jeans and although these were almost the teeniest bit too long on me unrolled, rolled up a bit  they looked summery, fresh, bright, and a little preppy. I did have to go up a couple sizes in this pair in order to get my perfect not too tight fit. Both pairs were nabbed for $25 each. The Rockstar pair is on sale this week. The Boyfriend is regular price.What are your spring essentials?