Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paint it Black

I know that Cobalt is the "It" color this season and I love it too but in the past couple months I seem to have adopted a renewed love for fashions favorite and most versatile hue: black.

Maybe it is the punk trend that is so hot right now, or the fact that I have a messy 4 year old and black doesn't show ketchup or finger paint unless it is dumped on me, or  perhaps the fact that it is so slimming and elongating and that is a draw for my 5' 2" frame. I think it is actually all of the above.

I have already gotton scuffs on my black faux fur lined rideing boots from JustFab that I've only had since September because I can't stop wearing them. It's nothing that some black shoe polish picked up at any shoe store for a couple dollars hasn't fixed.  The boots were $39.95.

My other favorite black pieces include black leggings from Victoria Secret with black "leather" stripes down the sides picked up recently from the Pink line for a $25; a moto style jacket in a knit fabric from F21 for $22.90; a  waffle textured sweater in acryilic with suble metalic shimmer by Merona from Target for $22; a graphic tee from Zara with a pair of studded out black combat boots that states Love Is The new Black for $18.

As far as jeweley goes I have been loving my black and crystal jeweled necklace from J.  Crew Factory for about $40; my black and gold spike necklace from F21 for only $5.80; and my Zara "glass" necklace for $59.

When the temp drops a bit more or for our daily outdoor time (unless it is a downpour, a blizzard, or below 20º.) I will be wearing my ASOS beanie with gold metal hardwear (bought last season but not worn and I think it was $18) (or another random black beanie) and some basic black texting gloves bought at Target for like 5 bucks and of course my down sleeling bag coat from Betsy Johnson (not in black but in army green)

I will upload pics of most of the above items soon. Thanks for reading and stay cool fellow fashion lovers!

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  1. *sleeping bag coat. Was eager to get this post out and forgot to spell check. Yeep!