Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paint it Black

I know that Cobalt is the "It" color this season and I love it too but in the past couple months I seem to have adopted a renewed love for fashions favorite and most versatile hue: black.

Maybe it is the punk trend that is so hot right now, or the fact that I have a messy 4 year old and black doesn't show ketchup or finger paint unless it is dumped on me, or  perhaps the fact that it is so slimming and elongating and that is a draw for my 5' 2" frame. I think it is actually all of the above.

I have already gotton scuffs on my black faux fur lined rideing boots from JustFab that I've only had since September because I can't stop wearing them. It's nothing that some black shoe polish picked up at any shoe store for a couple dollars hasn't fixed.  The boots were $39.95.

My other favorite black pieces include black leggings from Victoria Secret with black "leather" stripes down the sides picked up recently from the Pink line for a $25; a moto style jacket in a knit fabric from F21 for $22.90; a  waffle textured sweater in acryilic with suble metalic shimmer by Merona from Target for $22; a graphic tee from Zara with a pair of studded out black combat boots that states Love Is The new Black for $18.

As far as jeweley goes I have been loving my black and crystal jeweled necklace from J.  Crew Factory for about $40; my black and gold spike necklace from F21 for only $5.80; and my Zara "glass" necklace for $59.

When the temp drops a bit more or for our daily outdoor time (unless it is a downpour, a blizzard, or below 20º.) I will be wearing my ASOS beanie with gold metal hardwear (bought last season but not worn and I think it was $18) (or another random black beanie) and some basic black texting gloves bought at Target for like 5 bucks and of course my down sleeling bag coat from Betsy Johnson (not in black but in army green)

I will upload pics of most of the above items soon. Thanks for reading and stay cool fellow fashion lovers!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Black and White is More than Allright!

The trend that I have been loving the most this summer is black and white also known as monochrome. From graphic print dresses to jailbird stiped jeans. I've always been drawn to this classic color combo. Watch the above YouTube video for some ideas to getting the look for a bargain!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Gatsby Style For Less!

One of my favorite decades by far for fashion is the 1920's. I love the elegant and femanine  fashions for ladies and the gentlemenly looks for men. People realy knew how to dress then and I occasionally find myself fantasing about being alive at that time. To channel my inner Daisy Buchanan on a budget, I turned to my closet for some vintage pieces such as the beaded handbag and to  Forever 21 for some fab necklaces, hair accesories and the dress. The cream cutout top is a recent find from Necessary Clothing in NYC and the white blouse with marquise beaded shoulders is from Zara last year. The draped necklace is about 15 years old  from vintage Express?  The pearl necklace and hair pins were gifts. I love the soft blushes and creams lately. I think the tops will look great with denim or lacey shorts. I will round the looks out with my nude shoes.  I'm in love with these looks!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shorty needed a new pair of springy jeans!

So I am not exactly tall. Hell, let's face it at barely 5' 2", I am a shorty! Or a Petite as the fashion world properly calls it. Having worked in Petites at Nordstom for 6 years in the late 90's through early 2000's I am well versed in Petite fashion and lack there of.....
To put it simply if you wanted a cool looking pair of jeans back then, you bought a pair of 7's and had them altered. Now the options are almost as wide for us petites as they are for our average highted fellow fashionistas. I witnessed it myself when I just happened to drop into Old Navy today. As our weather in Connecticut is oh so unpredictable one very usefull article of clothing in the spring and summer is a pair of jeans. I came upon these perfect for petites jeans called the Boyfriend Skinny. As pictured below, you can see that they are meant to be rolled and rolled high as in right above the ankle. I love that these are looser fitting but not baggy as well as light weight. Perfect for throwing on with some flipflops or flats and a pretty blouse or basic tee. I also came across a table of brightly colored and printed Rockstar Skinny jeans and although these were almost the teeniest bit too long on me unrolled, rolled up a bit  they looked summery, fresh, bright, and a little preppy. I did have to go up a couple sizes in this pair in order to get my perfect not too tight fit. Both pairs were nabbed for $25 each. The Rockstar pair is on sale this week. The Boyfriend is regular price.What are your spring essentials?

Friday, April 19, 2013

It might be April but......

It might say April 19 on the calandar but I feel the grey day is more suited to berry tones! I decided to break out my cranberry maxi skirt for a day of outlet shopping with my mom and son and couldn't help but swap my everyday shoulder bag from Justfab for my Louis Vuitton pomme bb bag that is the pride and joy of my collection. The Raspberry polish my Barrym seemed the perfect compliment to my grey and berry esemble. Maxi skirts still keep me covered and somewhat warm on a low 60's cloudy  day and the optional cross body design of the BB bag keep my hands free to push the stroller and browse through racks. Styleish and practical.  Win win!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My First Real Spring OOTD!

I realy dig these floral pants from Forever 21 and at only $19.80 I found these a real steal! Florals are so in for Spring 2013 and since these babies are also elastic waist they are comfortable too! I can look cute and enjoy the Easter festivities. I rounded out the outfit with a blush colored lace top and nude open toe lace up and lazer cut heels also from Forever 21. Over it all is my fave nude cardi from Necessary Clothing, and nude looped braided belt from H & M. I added a little adornment with a multi metel and many cross necklace from Forever 21 and a mint bracelet from Daily Look. Fresh and pretty. I love it!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter! What to wear?

I would love to wear one of my new sundresses with a little shrug or cardi over it, my cute lace up open toe nude cut out  heels, and since I've never rocked the tights and open toe thing (kind of a fashion no-no in my book-and I don't believe in too many rules) bare legs. However since the forecast calls for a high in the low 50's I figure I might be better off with a pair of floral trousers like my new pair from Forever 21 (H & M has similar styles too) the same open toe shoes to showcase my freshly pedicured toesies-(I chose Strawberry Margarita by OPI) and a simple top and cardi and probably my trench coat.....I hate being cold and there are Easter eggs to be hunted by my little one! Of course this is New England and the forecast could change any minute up or down 10 or 20 degrees.....And being a woman I could change my mind too!  What is everyone else planning to wear?

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The calander says Spring but old man winter still has New England in his icy grasp!

I will be beyond thrilled if I get any use out of the pictured pieces this month. My Spring wardrobe is beyond fresh pretty and adoreable this year and yet I have only been able to rock some of my new jewelry pieces so far. It's rather sad because last year at this time I was in no way ready to break out my Spring style like I am this year.
I am truly thrilled with the pastel and floral confections in the form of shoes,  dresses, necklaces and even pants that I have aquired in the past couple months that I am truely heartbroken by the cold! I have decided rock some if these cuties anyway and just add tights, boots, and scarves until I am able to walk outside without having my breath taken away from the cold! Its March 23, and there are flurries for fashions sake! Brrrrr. My fave of the pieces pictured below is the little Bird dress by Band of Gypsies that I snagged last week at T.J. Maxx for only $19.99. What are some of your fave Spring pieces?

Monday, March 4, 2013

The pieces mentioned in spikes and studs blog and a couple more!

H and M chanel esque sweater and studded shorts from the spring 2013 line Necessary Clothing blouse purchased in the last few months, Forever 21 blouse and clutch purchased in February.

How a Stay at Home Mom Wears Studs and Spikes!

How does a stay at home mom wear studs and spikes?  That is the question.

Well let me start out by telling you that if your child or children are younger than 4 the spikes are a risky proposition because they might like to rub their face on your shoulder which if it has epaulets with spikes then that could be dangerous. You might want to stick with flat studs in that case. If your baby or toddler is anyhing like mine was you might end up heading to the er because your baby swallowed a spike off your hidden sneaker wedge from  or your vegan leather jacket from Forever 21. Yikes! That never happened to me thank you Jesus because until my son turned 4 I only wore studs and spikes when I went out with the husband or the girls.

If you feel safe enough to start wearing spikes and studs kids and occupation wise...(if you work with animals you might also want to stay away from wearing them at work.) Then I say go for it! The spikes and studs of 2013 are not your cool Aunt from the 80's spikes and studs. While she might have rocked her studs and spikes on a real leather biker jacket  today you have a much wider choice in from which to choose. For example, I recently picked up a great  Chanel  tweed inspired sweater from H and M's spring 2013 line with silver cone shaped spikes every so perfectly places on the shoulders and upper chest. It would be appropriate to wear to the children's museum or the casual office even with some black jeggings or a pencil skirt. A pic will be posted soon. Another option is a great cream or black blouse from with gold square studs encrusting the collar. That would be more appropriate for a girls night out with floral jeggings and some great nude suede like lace up mid heels like the ones I picked up recently from Forever 21. A third and final option is to wear a pair of great little black denim shorts from H and M with tiny silver and black studs on one side like the ones I also picked up recently. They can be worn with opaque tights and chunky ankle booties  now and brought into the warmer months with bare legs and an attitude.

Hope my studs and spikes and everything nice advice works for some of you! Peace.