Monday, March 4, 2013

How a Stay at Home Mom Wears Studs and Spikes!

How does a stay at home mom wear studs and spikes?  That is the question.

Well let me start out by telling you that if your child or children are younger than 4 the spikes are a risky proposition because they might like to rub their face on your shoulder which if it has epaulets with spikes then that could be dangerous. You might want to stick with flat studs in that case. If your baby or toddler is anyhing like mine was you might end up heading to the er because your baby swallowed a spike off your hidden sneaker wedge from  or your vegan leather jacket from Forever 21. Yikes! That never happened to me thank you Jesus because until my son turned 4 I only wore studs and spikes when I went out with the husband or the girls.

If you feel safe enough to start wearing spikes and studs kids and occupation wise...(if you work with animals you might also want to stay away from wearing them at work.) Then I say go for it! The spikes and studs of 2013 are not your cool Aunt from the 80's spikes and studs. While she might have rocked her studs and spikes on a real leather biker jacket  today you have a much wider choice in from which to choose. For example, I recently picked up a great  Chanel  tweed inspired sweater from H and M's spring 2013 line with silver cone shaped spikes every so perfectly places on the shoulders and upper chest. It would be appropriate to wear to the children's museum or the casual office even with some black jeggings or a pencil skirt. A pic will be posted soon. Another option is a great cream or black blouse from with gold square studs encrusting the collar. That would be more appropriate for a girls night out with floral jeggings and some great nude suede like lace up mid heels like the ones I picked up recently from Forever 21. A third and final option is to wear a pair of great little black denim shorts from H and M with tiny silver and black studs on one side like the ones I also picked up recently. They can be worn with opaque tights and chunky ankle booties  now and brought into the warmer months with bare legs and an attitude.

Hope my studs and spikes and everything nice advice works for some of you! Peace.

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