Saturday, March 23, 2013

The calander says Spring but old man winter still has New England in his icy grasp!

I will be beyond thrilled if I get any use out of the pictured pieces this month. My Spring wardrobe is beyond fresh pretty and adoreable this year and yet I have only been able to rock some of my new jewelry pieces so far. It's rather sad because last year at this time I was in no way ready to break out my Spring style like I am this year.
I am truly thrilled with the pastel and floral confections in the form of shoes,  dresses, necklaces and even pants that I have aquired in the past couple months that I am truely heartbroken by the cold! I have decided rock some if these cuties anyway and just add tights, boots, and scarves until I am able to walk outside without having my breath taken away from the cold! Its March 23, and there are flurries for fashions sake! Brrrrr. My fave of the pieces pictured below is the little Bird dress by Band of Gypsies that I snagged last week at T.J. Maxx for only $19.99. What are some of your fave Spring pieces?

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